We started this unique Services offering in the BI Space which currently is not being provided by any other vendors where we help our customers with the end to end resource selection process.

This is based on Vidorra’s proprietary Resourcing Methodology where we go through an Assessment process to help understand our customer’s business and then use that information to arrive at the correct Resourcing requirements. It’s not a one-size fits all business hence the requirements normally vary between customers.

Also it might be beneficial for a customer to select an independent candidate not based on recommendations from the System Integrator. Once we have provided the recommendations we also help with the selection of right candidates for those skill-sets there-by fishing out the weeds and screening the rightly skilled candidates. Once the initial screening is complete, we let the customer’s team arrive at the decision.

This practice was started after getting inputs from a lot of our esteemed customers and the kind of challenges business face with BI Resourcing needs.