Oracle BI Health Check is an in-depth analysis of customer’s BI environment by our OBIEE experts at Vidorra Consulting to identify potential issues, performance improvement areas and provide actionable recommendations. This analysis is based on BI best practices and implementation methodologies with clear focus on detection of deployment gaps, technical shortcomings or missing configurations, followed by an improvement program with proposal to enhance the platform to a more secure, stable and optimized solution for all users.

A review of customer’s data model and BI content will establish if information is reliable and current reports are covering all your audience requirements. Our Oracle certified BI consultants will work with you to answer the following key questions about your system:

  • Are you getting the maximum ROI from your BI technology investment or thinking to migrate to a new BI platform and need some advice?
  • Is your BI Implementation ready for Self Service Analytics ?
  • Are your reports covering all aspects of business needs?
  • Is your data model optimized and secured ?
  • Is your metadata well organized and business aligned?
  • Is user adoption optimal, as expected?
  • Is there a enterprise-wide BI security model in place ?

Our BI health check program consists a 3-Step process to perform detailed assessment of organization’s BI environment and provide key insights on performance improvements: 1) Technical Assessment 2) Business Assessment and 3) Recommendation & Next Steps.

The key focus areas in BI health check:


  • OBIA Configuration
  • Platform Architecture
  • Data warehouse design
  • Repository / meta-data content (i.e. RPD, reports, and dashboards)
  • Security
  • BI toolset and current licensing model
  • BI Process – Maintenance & Developer Process

Health Check report outcome:


  • System Architecture Diagram
  • Data Warehouse Design
  • Identified potential points of deployment gaps
  • Recommended performance improvement steps